Gwen Lux's personalized tarot card reading.

This exclusive tarot card-inspired cocktail menu represents each of the cards that Gwen Lux was drawn. Join us October 1 – November 11 to view & experience her reading.


Gwen’s Tarot Cocktails

Ace of Wands


rhine hall apple brandy, bourbon, cinnamon, gigner, chai-vanilla tea, lemon, orange, allspice, clove, anise, rosemary, whole milk

Seven of Cups


elation pear liqueur, apologue persimmon, orgeat, lemon juice, cinnamon & clove foam

Eight of Pentacles


rosemary-infused toki, pomegranate shrub, topo chico

The Sun


pepper-infused blanco tequila, chili amaro, lime, bergamont soda reduction, wine

The Empress


blanq rum, xaymaca rum, italicus, falernum, sour cherry gin, pomegranate shrub, pineapple, lime, angostura, pilsner

The Fool


vodka, rhine hall apple brandy, la normande, apologue persimmon, pumpkin spice, lemon, club soda

Page of Swords


roku gin, fernet branca, cardamom-sage demerara, lime

The Hermit


yuu baal mezcal, apologue celery root, green chartreuse, cynar 70

The World


aperol, vermouth, nux walnut, cinnamon, giffard vanille de madagascar, creole bitters

The Lovers


x by glenmoranige, laphraoig port & wine cairdeas, creme de cacao, solera sherry, cherry liqueur