Gwen’s Story

A Downtown Chicago Icon ReimaginedImagine yourself in 1930’s Chicago. The famous Chicago Merchandise Mart was built for Marshall Field & Co. that year. Having survived the great fire of 1871, Chicago celebrated its centennial by hosting The World’s Fair in 1933. The speakeasies and gangsters were thriving. The country was reeling from economic insecurity as we struggled to find our footing in the industrial age. It was a distinguished time in Chicago’s history.

The Gwen hotel has a glorious past and an even more glorious future. Rooted in the history and heritage of downtown Chicago in the 1930’s, the Gwen serves as a city emblem of this golden era, and yet is poised to bring luxury to a future generation of worldly travelers. This unmistakable inspiration comes to life with our historic facade, famously created by sculptress Gwen Lux in 1928.

A female artisan making a mark in a predominantly 1930’s male design city depicts an exciting atmosphere of change. The building has been home to many stories in an illustrious past, and now we invite you to experience The Gwen and let it be a canvas for your own personal stories. Discover and let this sparkling historic hotel inspire you to have a personalized connection and find your own undiscovered creativity within.

Spring Rates From $229/Night
Indoor Dining at The Gwen Chicago Is Now Open